The Venusian Peace Project

Peace under construction

Greetings. This is a vision of harmony and peace on Earth, peace imbued with the qualities of Venus.

There are three facets to the vision. You can start with just one, but they are more complete together, giving a fuller picture.

1 Prepare for Peace

is the main and most important facet. A positive vision and creation. Understanding and getting closer the high but not impossible ideal of global peace.

2 Zeitgeist Research

is about critical observation, trying to see (and hear) what is dissonant in our world. The search for the precursor of peace — clarity — is not as feel-good or palatable as the first facet. But just as a doctor needs to diagnose a messy disease, peace workers need to understand our modern “gods”, the Sacred Cows of the Zeitgeist.

3 Mindfulosophy or Slow thought

is practical individual training in peace thinking. Here are presented mental keys which could open up the “Peace Room” — a space we visit seldom, if ever.

4 Peace between the sexes

is an attempt to lessen the tension between men and women. We cannot have peace if there is a war going on between the sexes. And there is, currently, very fiery and violent at times.

Here’s a video presentation from our YouTube Channel.

Disclaimer (or claimer)

This website makes demands on you.

Reading and pondering material presented here might take effort, make you slightly tired, it could even destroy some brain cells. Log off if you do not agree to the conditions stated in this warning.

Just joking: we are not afraid. We assume that you can read, not just browse; think and ponder, not just reorder mental furniture. We believe you are intelligent, resistant to the bug of Internet Laziness. Se suspect you are something of a fighter.

The problem of peace it not going to be solved in half-sleep in a lunch break. It takes guts, courage and dedication. The right attitude is that of the Last Starfighter.

You should also know that this is no solitary, intellectual exercise. I am not trying to be a one man-band, rather start a symphony orchestra — with you as a participator. Help, participation and co-musicianship is very much needed. Please visit the Patreon page (Patreon is modern patronage on the Web) for fuller info about how you can be part of the V.P.P.

The message IN SHORT

If “peace” is to be more than a beautiful word — namely a positive and substantial reality — it must change. Become more active and attractive, less solemn and abstract.

Today war is active and peace is a kind of Ferdinand the Bull passivity.

Naivety does not help us; peace will not fall into our mouths from the skies or arrive with Santa Claus. It cannot be just the concern of a small number of “peace workers” and remain an isolated domain. It needs to engulf our whole lives. So we need more than political, diplomatic, economic peace. Why not grassroots peace? Each one of us is a branch on the Tree of Life, radiant or slightly withered.

Our current situation is so violently chaotic that we need to get our peace act really together. Concentrate. Be centripetal. Have faith. In the words of Indian teacher Nisargadatta: You can have for the asking all the peace you want, but you must ask with an undivided heart. If you want peace, deserve it. Those only deserve it, who don’t disturb it.

Ladislaus Horatius (philosopher, composer, peacenik)


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