Prepare for what you want, not its opposite

1 ₪ Prepare for Peace  Let us start our odyssey by looking at language.

Instead of opposing war and fighting against war (also a war), we can pave the way for peace by removing obstacles to it. This first one in Latin.

Si vis pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war.

This is such a sad case of idiocy. I think Latin is a glorious language. I once tried to learn it but my active disinterest in and aversion to grammar stopped me. However, Latin conveys an automatic aura of profundity . Said in Latin, nonsense gets away with being nonsense.

Si vis pacem… this sentence has a nice paradoxical ring to it. People love to quote it. The paradox + the Latin makes this a hip meme; our mouths feels intelligent when mouthing it.

But what is really being said? That if you want peace, prepare for its opposite. In some instances where certain values are to be defended, this is relevant. An okay partial truth but a lousy truth.

For if you want war, you will of course prepare for war, too. Whatever your goal, you will prepare for war. Gosh, how the military-industrial complex loves that logic!

Don't disturb. We are preparing for peace!
Don’t disturb. We are preparing for peace!

So, prepare for war in all cases and what do you get? WAR!

“Prepare” is an interesting word. When we prepare a dinner we are going to eat what we prepared.

We don’t think that we can prepare tomato soup and then eat Wiener-schnitzel. But that’s exactly what we imagine when we prepare for war and expect peace.

So let’s rewrite this. If you want peace, prepare to think hard. Cause the war impulse is so ingrained with us, so sneaky, so manipulative, that it will find all kinds of excuses for itself.

Some of them in fancy Latin.


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Who am I?

On the Internet nobody knows whether you are a dog or a god — or a robot!

Well, I am neither. I started my activity in classical music: as pianist, musical coach, composer. Then I took up philosophy and tried to join music with deep thinking. Wrote the book “Offensiv Nostalgi” in 1993, which is relevant to the Zeitgeist Research here. Fooled around with futurist inspired happening when I stopped a high speed train as a protest against the Sacred Cow of Speed (of course the Futurists loved speed).

A great interest of mine is entertaining with finesse. I arrange musical salons and have also written about the salon. Experiments with philosophical cafes have turned into what I now call Mindfulosophy. Have also made a couple of political explorations — 4 parties to date — trying to understand what makes politics tick (and often explode).

There’s a CV for you. There are more links to the right if you want to see other things I am doing.

But what matters here, and what is the best I can offer the world, are my insights about how music (more specifically music making) holds answers to some of our greatest questions. Questions like “How can we dissolve dissonance?”, “What is a harmonious tempo for life?” and “How can we create harmony that is peaceful, interesting and exiting at the same time?”.

Here you can see that I am not a dog.



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