3 ₪ Mindfulosophy / Slow Thought

3 ₪ Mindfulosophy or Slow thought is my contribution to the art of dialogue.

It grew out of two things: A seemingly reckless impulse to start an old school philosophical school, à la Plato or Socrates. And secondly the meeting in the 90s with Cafe Philo, which I visited many times, pondered, and made into something different. (Coffee, philosophy and conversation is a good combination.)

Mindfulosophy is not a method or system or course, but rather an informal philosophical toolbox with a few directions for using it.

Right now everything in Mindfulosophy turns on me, which is regrettable. My aim is to, as fast as possible, train others to be able to guide Mindfulosophy sessions.

But were are not there quite yet, so let’s explore the toolbox. What are the tools, how do we use them, and to what advantage? As will be seen they connect with the larger goal of the Venusian Peace Project, namely creating peace, exploring and entering the peace room.

The tools can, and should, be used on a collective level as well as an individual. It is much easier for an individual to change than for a country or political party. But change often starts with a single person. As Barry Manilow sang in “One voice”:

Joining with your one voice
Each and every note another octave

Coming very soon: The tools and their application.

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