War porn (more words in the service of peace and harmony)

Words mean power in so many ways. Power to oppress, clarify, a possibility to direct a spotlight to dark corners of our lives (the subconscious layers of denied existence), even power to liberate to an extent.

When something is very present in your life but there are no words for it, then that something is like a cup filled with very hot coffee but no “ears”. You cannot hold it without burning yourself.


With non-existing words and concepts you cannot hold them at all if they are not named and christened.

When I watch this video the words “war porn” come to mind. Nothing to do with sex or eroticism (aspects of love), but with a certain kind of excitement related to weapons, and use of weapons.

There is much war porn around us, of different degrees and levels. From soft to hard, obvious like this video or non-obvious. Non-obvious is for obvious reasons the more dangerous.

I want to launch the term “war seed” as a useful piece of the peace-war puzzle. A war seed is something — usually a word connected to an emotion — that moves leftward on the peace map.

[left side] W A R /Agony<< Antagonism << Agon/
[right side] /Harmonizing >> Music >>/ P E A C E

War seeds are the enjoyment we feel when watching football or boxing (if we care for such sports, that is), heated discussions and debates, or action movies or thrillers. Generally material that feature conflict, battle, violence, killing.

An Enlightened Peacenik, which I try to be, recognizes these seeds in his own heart. No use denying them: it is much better to honestly admit that they hold a certain attraction and/or fascination.

“The T-90 boasts a smoothbore 125-mm gun and can be fitted with Refleks-M laser-controlled anti-tank missiles, capable of penetrating steel armor over 700 millimeters thick.”

Seeing and admitting the war seed, for example the interest some of us can feel for a battle tank, I see as an important peace step. Why?

Because we are being honest. Honesty, a form of clarity, is precursor to peace. We don’t want to build peace on lies. Let’s then admit that, Yes, we do feel certain attraction / fascination / interest for things to do with war. Most of us do.

As my map shows we have different levels of “leftist” energies. AGON, found in sports and contest can be rather neutral and even positive and benign. ANTAGONISM less so. AGONY even less so.

In a way it’s all about AWARENESS, being mindful of peace and war. And noting our words. And sometimes also inventing and adding words to our vocabulary.

This can be one step in our growing awareness-process.


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