Who am I?

On the Internet nobody knows whether you are a dog or a god — or a robot!

Well, I am neither. I started my activity in classical music: as pianist, musical coach, composer. Then I took up philosophy and tried to join music with deep thinking. Wrote the book “Offensiv Nostalgi” in 1993, which is relevant to the Zeitgeist Research here. Fooled around with futurist inspired happening when I stopped a high speed train as a protest against the Sacred Cow of Speed (of course the Futurists loved speed).

A great interest of mine is entertaining with finesse. I arrange musical salons and have also written about the salon. Experiments with philosophical cafes have turned into what I now call Mindfulosophy. Have also made a couple of political explorations — 4 parties to date — trying to understand what makes politics tick (and often explode).

There’s a CV for you. There are more links to the right if you want to see other things I am doing.

But what matters here, and what is the best I can offer the world, are my insights about how music (more specifically music making) holds answers to some of our greatest questions. Questions like “How can we dissolve dissonance?”, “What is a harmonious tempo for life?” and “How can we create harmony that is peaceful, interesting and exiting at the same time?”.

Here you can see that I am not a dog.



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