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Man oscillates between alone and together, solo and communal activities.

We also oscillate between consuming and participating.

Passive consuming is just fine if you eat a meal. You buy food, serve it, eat it. No problem. Breathing is also solo activity, not something we do in a team.

But when it comes to questions beyond individual bodily needs, beyond the close circle of family and friends, our motivation and emotional investment dwindles.

Which is not so strange. Far too many demands are made on our attention in this era of digital-media.

— And now you are also making demands, asking me to be not just a consumer but a joiner??

Yes. Or no. I am extending an INVITATION to you, offering to bring new values into your life: a chance to be a peace partisan.

What on Earth is a peace partisan? Some kind of bird…?

Partisan is in a way the wrong word, since it embodies what is NOT helping peace — namely partisan interests, part interests, special interests, pressure groups and lobbies.

All of these say WE, but it’s a small WE. It is our interests against their interests.

Sure, in this way we can can enjoy the communal, bovine warmth of being part of a group, mooo! But as soon as we meet a partisan from another camp, our hearts grows cold and reserved.

The larger our WE can be, the more peace we can have, the fewer collisions, conflicts and wars. If we realize that we are sitting in the same boat, things can change.

I use the word “partisan” in a different way.

PARTISAN = one who takes part, not just watches as passive onlooker or consumer

“Venusian Peace Partisan” thus means a person who takes part in the Venusian Peace Project.


There are different ways to support the Venusian Peace Project., from material/economical to purely mental.

  • Support V.P.P. on PATREON, a site that tries to revive the old patronage tradition (if you hurry you might be the very first patron)
  • Support through Swish, in Sweden (0765-740140)
  • Share the site (this can be of tremendous help. Consistent sharing can raise awareness in a short time.)
  • Involve your local politicians
  • Arrange a concert around peace (if you book them they will come)
  • Start a study circle
  • Start a festival
  • Start a philosophical cafe (I have done this, feel free to ask how)
  • Start a peaceful fire in the hearts of your circle of friends

But merely pondering these things can also change the world, only a bit slower. Mental waves influence feeling, which influence our acts. Through these we come into contact with kindred souls and the peaceful waves move on.

Yes, there’s one more thing you can do:


Apathy is a worse enemy than war. Not having faith in change is one of the worst diseases on the planet.

And I am not talking about changing things just for your self,  but changing conditions on the planet.

Don’t say “it’s impossible!”. The impossible is often the untried. Be a self-sufficient Jedi and do what Yoda told you NOT no.


Ladislaus Horatius, peacenik
A musical map / manual of peace




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