What is Mindfulosophy or Slow thought?

Mindfulosophy (or Slow Thought) is an attempt to better understand, and create more musical harmony, in our communication.

Quality is one aspect of communication. Most of us talk. Sometimes we are engaged in conversation (talking on a higher, more qualitative level than exchanging the usual everyday phrases). Sometimes we have philosophical conversations, aiming to go even deeper into a subject, bringing even more of ourselves into the conversation.

This higher kind of conversation is not just a fun, stimulating kind of exchange. I believe that is it also the way to really solve problems, understand the world and ourselves. Even to arrive at that far off goal PEACE.

It is also slower and more thoughtful, not the kind of fast verbal dueling / semantic mud-slinging that we often engage in.

But this kind of high quality conversation does not happen by itself. If it does, it does not last long, being dependent on winds, luck, chance.

In Mindfulosophy I have tried to make this kind of conversation more repeatable.

Mindfulosophy is a kind of mental room.

Let’s say we live in a big house with lots of rooms. The finest, our favorite, is the Salon. We want to be able to go there as often as we can.

Now imagine that we are dependent on luck to reach it. On some days we find it, on others we don’t. Where did it go…? Not being able to find a certain room would be a frustrating experience in a house!

On the other hand, we most every day have the experience of talk and conversation that doesn’t fly, doesn’t really get anywhere, that just repeats old half-truths and stock phrases. Boring, as Sherlock would say.

But since our orientation in mental rooms is much poorer than in physical rooms we don’t think much of it. We accept boring, bland and repetitive as normal. Ah, well.

But it need not be so. Mindfulosophy is my attempt to clarify this mental room, understand it, map it, and make it more easy to locate.

I believe we could have a lot of deep fun in it, besides it being a tool for moving forward as humans.

We are looking for that Inner Room!

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